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Nanapush is getting old now. He had moved north to where the ice was plentiful and had been living in retirement. He had been a trickster often seen as a rabbit but above all was known for his teachings of humanity. It was said by some he was the son of the west wind or the sun.

Nanapush - The Trickster

Nanapush – The Trickster

In recent times Nanapush had became concerned by the melting ice and the uncertainty of the animals. He sensed that it was time for him to return to his teachings. He was once again needed.
He called all the creatures of the world, both new and old, to meet in the ancient forests and special places across the earth.
He summonsed the Wematekan’is (magical little people) to help him on his journey. Their role was to help teach the the seventh generation, by their mischievous little actions, about the changes now occurring.

A note of warning – Don’t upset the Wematekan’is!

The Wematekan’is are mischievous little creatures but can serve as messengers of the Great Spirit.

Wematekan'is magical little people of the forest.

Wematekan’is magical little people of the forest.

Nanapush and the Wematekan’is travelled far around the world searching for those who were still in tune with the natural world. They travelled the ancient worlds of Gondwana and Laurasia, once the two great continents, where many of the great animals evolved and moved freely.

Gondwana and animals of ancient lands

Gondwana and animals of ancient lands

An old man from the south was visiting the forest, and was able to see all the animals in the naughty little tricks played by the Wematekan’is.

For three days the old man returned to the forest knowing that his visions were special but still unable to understand.

Suddenly Nanapush appeared and told him to listen.

We are the creatures from both old and new.

You have been chosen to see us. Our message is clear.

After this first vision I returned to the forest.

After this first vision I returned to the forest.

Our homes are being destroyed and the thunder beings are angry. Many of the animals, big and small have disappeared. We are sad because the greedy ones are not heeding the warnings and listening to mother nature. They are blinded by gold and power rather than the joy of life.

A wise figure appeared in my quest.

A wise figure appeared in my quest.

We all share the fields, the mountains, the forest and oceans. The great North Mountain and his brothers have spoken to you. Your help is needed.

Listen to the old teacher who has taught you about life on earth. She has great wisdom and she knows the truth.

Everything is written in the trees and in the rocks. Look closely and understand the great oceans and the air we breathe are suffering too.

Share your visions because what is most important will be written in the minds of all people.

Creatures of the Sea

Creatures of the Sea

The Stallion

The Stallion

The story above is my interpretation of the visions I saw in my three short visits to the forest. The story is told with great respect to Native Americans and Eastern Woodland culture. The Anishinabe, Ojibway, Algonquin and Lenape had close ties with my ancestors and their stories are reflected above. See more at

Look closely at the images in the following link and find more legends of the forest.

My thanks to “One Who Knows” for making me aware of the Wematekan’is.

Extremely concerned about the affects of climate change Dr White is spreading a message of hope through educating and empowering others to make a contribution towards solving the problems we now face.

Dr Mary E White (MA) is an amazing lady.

I first met Mary about four years ago and a recent chance phone call led me back to Johns River to hear more about Mary’s life.

Over the past several weeks I have come to appreciate her passion and dedication to humanity and the environment. I have also enjoyed the hospitality associated with a cup of tea and some raisin toast.
The video above is just a short account of some notable events in Mary’s life and much more will be found in her autobiography nearing completion.

Born 1926 in South Africa Dr White currently resides at her property near Johns River NSW Australia.

Mary White at Johns River NSW

Mary White at Johns River NSW

At 87 years of age she continues to write and educate on matters of environment, biodiversity and climate change.

From the age of 16 Mary studied Botany and Zoology at Cape Town University. When looking for a subject for a thesis, Professor Alex Du Toit advised Mary to pick a palaeobotanical subject as there was not a palaeobotanist in Africa and there was a whole Gondwanan fossil flora waiting to be discovered.

Mary moved to Australia with geologist husband Bill White in 1955. As a palaeobotanist Dr White worked for the Bureau of Mineral Resources studying fossils.



After her husband passed away in 1981 Mary began to write. She soon published her first book “The Greening of Gondwana”.

In the years following, Mary completed several more books including: Australian Prehistoric Plants – Reading the Rocks – Running Down Water in a Changing Land – Time in our Hands – Listen Our Land is Crying – After the Greening the Browning of Australia and her latest publication Earth Alive.

During these writing years Mary received Honorary Doctorates from four Australian Universities. During 2009 Dr White became a Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia for service to botany as a researcher and through the promotion of increased understanding and awareness of the natural world.

It soon became apparent to Mary that she needed to do something practical to help save biodiversity. 

In 2003 Mary purchased her dream The Falls Forest Retreat and immediately set about covenanting 73 of the 81 hectares as a Biodiversity and Rainforest Sanctuary. This was achieved in 2013.

After a difficult decision, Mary has decided it is time to move on and continue her writing along with new conservation and education programs. Her wish is to find someone to carry on her dream as an education and research centre.

My thanks to ABC Mid North Coast Open producer Wiriya Sati for assisting me with this film.

My gratitude and love to Dr Mary E White for allowing me to be part of her journey.

Link to ABC Open