Brett Dolsen as photographed by his student and five year old grandson.

My interests in photography began with the appearance of a black necked stork also known as a Jabiru here in Australia. In my quest to photograph this magnificent bird I bought my first DSLR camera – a Canon 400D with kit lenses. I have since updated my kit to the Canon 7D with an extensive range of professional lens’s.

After thirty years as a landscape gardener and designer my physical ability and health forced me to look at a career change. After photographing various festivals and events I decided that I would study Media and Communications at North Coast TAFE. I received my Diploma after successfully completing  studies in 2014.

Photography is a way for me to express myself while capturing memorable moments in history for future generations.

Over the past few years I have had many images published in local newspapers and online including a front page during the Crowdy Bay bushfires. After visiting a Save the Brumbies open day at Guyra NSW, I wrote an article published in the New England Focus magazine. For the past four years I have been engaged as a photographer for the Saltwater Freshwater Festival. The festival is a nomadic Indigenous Australian event held on Australia Day by a selected land council from the mid north coast of NSW.

As a surfer for most of my life I have also extensively covered various surfing events held on the mid north coast including the NSW and Australian Titles (longboard and shortboard events) and the Birdrock Memorial Surf Classic. Most recently I photographed the Crescent Head Malibu Classic.

I have been a regular contributor to ABC Open and have been working with film. During 2013 I created a short documentary film with Dr Mary E White palaeobotanist focusing on climate change and biodiversity. The film was selected by ABC Open to play alongside Flickerfest films screened at Gladstone NSW.

I’ll often be found down on the beach at daybreak or later in the bush where I often escape for inspiration. These moments are reflected in my landscape, nature and wildlife galleries.

I enjoy collaborating with clients and discussing needs before an event or shoot. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Thankyou again for visiting I hope you enjoy my work.

Brett Dolsen







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